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Jan Barwick’s work, inspired by living in the South Pacific Islands, Cayman Islands and Florida, has a recognizable palette of bold color, with cerise, turquoise, tangerine and citrus, capturing the vivid flowers and marine life of the Caribbean and Key West. Jan became intoxicated with the vibrant colors of tropical plants, exotic birds, azure waters, flying fish and captivating sunsets. “I was seduced and my imagination enriched, giving me a lasting love of color and nature.”

Her paintings might best be described as magic realism, capturing a paradisal world, more likely to be discovered in dreams than reality. There is something primitive in their expression, echoing the dream time pictures of the Aborigines.

About three years ago, encouraged by her sister Miranda, Jan started to design a collection based around her underwater reef paintings, and thus the Bairiki brand was “born"...


Miranda and Jan have chosen to name the brand ‘Bairiki ’, part of the atoll of Tarawa in Kiribati, South Pacific, where they lived with their family for six years in the 1960’s and where Miranda was born. Her art always hints at ethereal and transient beauty, and is particularly resonant since Kiribati, where she grew up, is the first nation that will be reclaimed by the sea because of climate change.

Bairiki by Jan Barwick showcases her original paintings and also highlights elements from the paintings into stunningly visual, high design images that translate into beautiful home goods, clothing, accessories, resort and gift products.


Bairiki by Jan Barwick also offers private label and product development. The possibilities are endless ... 

As 75% of the fashion supply chain world-wide is now ending up in landfills, Bairiki By Jan Barwick would like to take part in solving the problem and not adding to it.

Bairiki will be manufacturing according to demand, thus avoiding excess inventory. As a result we will able to offer you a far wider choice of our beautiful designs but it could mean that your order could take four to six weeks to receive.


A grouper,lobster and tropical underwater scene teaming with sealife
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