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Fiery Nudibranch Tote


These spectacular and magical "sea slugs" are exquisitely beautiful,coming in virtually every color.

Nudibranch,latin, meaning ‘naked’ and ‘gills’ respectively, because the little flower-type protrusions on the back of the nudibranch are the exposed (naked) gills. Some amazing facts about Nudibranchs - they are picky eaters and they get their bright colors from the food they eat, they are hermaphrodites, some are solar powered, they have horns to help find food and mates, some are cannibals and some are poisonous.


Our totes are made from soft, durable poly-poplin fabric and a 1" black strap for easy carrying on your shoulder. All seams are double stitched for added durability. Each tote is machine washable in cold water and is printed both sides with the same image.

18" x 18"

100 % sublimation printed polyester tote